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Explore Nature's Bounty

Join us in exploring the diverse landscapes of Scotland, uncovering nature's pantry and savouring its array of flavours.

About Wander & Wonder

Meaningful connections with the natural world.

Our mission revolves around:


Equipping individuals with the knowledge to identify, harvest, and utilise the abundance of wild foods available in our landscapes.


Inspiring a sense of wonder and awe for the diverse array of edible treasures nature provides, encouraging others to embark on their own foraging adventures.


Fostering a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the environment, advocating for sustainable foraging practices to ensure the preservation of wild habitats for generations to come.

Safety and Sustainability

Placing utmost importance on safety and sustainability in all our endeavors, prioritizing the well-being of both foragers and the ecosystems they explore.

Join Our Wild Walks

Forage Through Nature's Wonder

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