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What to expect

We will explore wild foods available on the landscape, discuss their identifying features and toxic lookalikes, and learn about their edible and medicinal properties.


Each session will last approximately 45 minutes to a 1hr with small groups of no more than 20 in total. Tickets include a Forager’s Gift to take home.

  • ADULT – £20

  • AGE 13 to 16yrs – £10

  • AGE UNDER 13’s – Free

PLEASE NOTE – this is an outdoor walk around the woodland trails of Loch Lomond Shores, so please make sure you are dressed appropriately with suitable footwear for the weather.

More about Wander & Wonder…

Sharon has always had an interest in wild food growing up and enjoyed traditional foraging activities such as berry and nut picking. However, only as an adult has she become aware of the huge variety of wild foods spanning across our coastal, woodland and hedgerow areas.

As she delved further into this journey, it became apparent that not many people were aware of the nutrient-filled, delicious goods they could harvest of their own accord and therefore, she set up Wander & Wonder in 2022 as a way to share knowledge with others about the different types of wild foods that grow here on our landscapes in Scotland and the UK, while placing a strict emphasis on safety and sustainability.

Sharon hosts regular ‘ Wild Walks’ that those interested in foraging can book. You can spend time exploring an area, identifying edible wild food and their toxic lookalikes and then enjoy treats made using foraged goods.

You can follow Sharon on Facebook to find out more about her events – @WanderandWonder2022

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